MVP ReconnectStefan Krüger wurde von Microsoft 2003-2017 als "Most Valuable Professional" (MVP) für Windows Installer Technologie ausgezeichnet. Mitglieder des Microsoft MVP Programms sind Spezialisten, die sich durch außerordentlichen Einsatz, hohe fachliche Kompetenz und ein herausragendes Kommunikationstalent in Communities rund um Microsoft-Produkte und -Technologien einen Namen gemacht haben.

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Bisherige Kunden

Zu meinen zufriedenen Kunden zählen viele größere und kleinere Firmen im In- und Ausland, unter anderen:

  • Bowne Global Solutions
  • C-Ark Ltd.
  • Club Photo, Inc.
  • Easy Software AG
  • Erich Jaeger GmbH
  • Exemplar Logic, Inc.
  • Fujitsu Siemens Computers
  • hms Health Management Systems
  • InstallShield Software GmbH
  • Microsoft GmbH
  • Personic, Inc.
  • Pinehurst Technologies, Inc.
  • ProCAM Systems
  • SecureWave S.A.
  • Siemens AG
  • Spellex Development, Inc.
  • Stotax GmbH & Co. KG
  • verschiedene Versicherungsgesellschaften


Der folgende Text wurde von Hr. Popovic verfasst, einem Mitarbeiter der Firma ProCAM Systems (Kontaktinformationen auf Anfrage).

Reference for Installer Consultancy Services

We got to know Stefan Krueger from InstallShield Germany as they where not able to support us in the way we required.

Up to now we where working on a new Product's setup based on MSI technology using InstallShield for Windows Installer as well as porting "all" of our old products to MSI technology.

The work of Stefan Krueger was made offsite at his office. We only met one time before we started the projects to discuss and explain everything.

Stefan Krueger was able to solve all requirements we had up to now even if they where outside of the scope of MSI technology at the present status. I would say he is able to do everything be it in MSI or ISP technology.

We are very happy with what we did together up to now and will continue to work together in the future for new projects and to support the existing projects.

I would generally recommend to work with install professionals (outsourcing) and Stefan Krueger is a very good specialist in this topic.


Hier einige Zitate aus E-Mails von Consulting-Kunden und Besuchern der von mir betriebenen InstallSite (teilweise in anonymisierter Form):

Vielen herzlichen Dank für diesen prompten Service. Wenn das bei allen so wäre, könnte es ja richtig Spass machen ;-)

J.R. aus der Schweiz

Sie glauben gar nicht wie Sie mir geholfen haben. Also noch mal Danke für die schnelle und unkomplizierte Hilfe!

U.S. aus Deutschland

You are an absolute genius, but more importantly, you care about us who struggle with these types of things. You are a good man.

Lois J. Felber, Objective Concepts, LLC (USA)

We have sent out quite a lot of copies of [product name] since you build the installation for us and have had virtually no problems at all.

A consulting customer from United Kingdom

Again, it has been great working with you. As well as helping us fix and improve our installers, you have also helped us improve our own installer knowledge, which is great!

A consulting customer from Ireland

Stefan, thanks for going the second mile with me on a problem that isn't even remotely your problem. You display a philosophy that I espoused for many years of don't quit until your customer is happy." I wish you well.

R.E.W. from USA

Your help with our InstallShield application has been invaluable. Your expert knowledge of the product along with your prompt answers to our questions and problems were truly a blessing. Without your help, particularly on some of the undocumented features and functions, I honestly do not know if we would have been able to complete the installation in the manner desired. Many times after researching the on-line documentation, I would ask you the question and you would immediately response back with the answer. You honestly saved me hours of time figuring out the solution and/or giving up and taking a lesser solution to the problem.

D.R from USA

Thank you very much for lightning-fast and in depth reply.

P.R from Florida

I wonder we are paying installshield for support instead of you!?


The web site has been a lifesaver to me, and I really appreciate all the work you have put into it.

J.M. from USA

I want to thank you personally for your Installation Phases article. I wish I had known about this months ago! I have learned most of this through harsh experience. It is a huge relief to finally read an accurate, complete, clear account of what's going on (quite unlike MSDN's haha).

G.W., WiX user

I had a huge problem with windows installer, and I couldn't find any help from microsoft websites or other F.A.Q pages!! Thanks again for this great knowledge your page offered!!!

V.V. from Finland

I would like to say thank you for the wonderful website and assistance you give to InstallShield users. After having to build installers for the last six months at my company, and learning IS at the same time, it is obvious - you support InstallShield products better than InstallShield does.

S.B from USA

I posted the question re the disk switching problem and your solution was right on the money. I was disappointed in the InstallShield people in that I asked the question of them and they said they weren't aware of it and offered me a $500 service contract to work on it. I've been knocking myself out for some time searching code and options trying to resolve the thing so your assistance is greatly appreciated.

R.F. from USA

I've been doing install for about 6 months now and I've followed lots of advice that you've posted. Now, I'm even able to answer some of the questions myself for people! Anyway, you're a great asset to the install community. Thank you.

C.H. from USA

I just wanted to say what a great web site this is. It was my first visit today and I must say I was impressed at the amount of useful information I found. It was well organized and easy to find. I will be back for sure, and I hope I will have some ideas worth contributing.

P.M. from USA

Once again, InstallSite comes to my rescue, with your improved version of LaunchAppEx. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and expertise.

C.M. from USA